The brand is the concept, the main idea, the expectations that exist in each customer's mind regarding a product, service, or company. Your company's brand represents your identity, the level of quality you offer, your reputation for reliability, and more. Developing a brand involves creating an emotional connection.



  • We will stock these labels in our facility and add it to your t-shirts on every order
  • Minimum order quantity for the labels is 1000 pieces
  • It costs Rs. 5 per label paid upfront
  • Available for: All apparels
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Greeting Card


  • Add a thank you card, a business card or a coupon
  • It costs Rs. 5 per pack-in paid upfront for a minimum order quantity of 1000 pack-ins
  • It includes printing, storing and fulfilment
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  • We provide 4 different shapes of hang tags: Rectangle, square, classic and circle for you to choose for your brand.
  • You need to place a minimum order of 1000 hang tags with us
  • We provide 300 GSM coated paper quality which costs Rs. 5 per piece
Button label



  • Three different sizes starting from 10 by 12 inches, 12 by 16 inches, 14 by 18 inches
  • With a printable area of 8×10 inches, your design will stand out on the polybag
  • To place an order you need to order a minimum of 1000 polybags (used only for t-shirts, phone cases, pop grips, button badge and notebook)
  • The material used is 60 micron polybag which costs Rs. 11/16.5/22 per bag for different sizes 
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