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Our Story

Our journey began during the challenging times of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2019. Aniket Jain, the founder of Woodycane, had a vision to start his own brand. However, creating a successful brand wasn't as easy as making 2-minute noodles. We faced many challenges in the local market, particularly when it came to printing T-shirts. We explored various methods of T-shirt printing, but found that the process was complex and required expertise.

To gain hands-on experience, we worked in a local T-shirt printing factory, where we observed the printing process in bulk quantities. We also attempted to make our own screen for screen printing using online resources, but found it to be a difficult task. Undeterred, we purchased a plotter machine from Karol Bagh and began vinyl printing. We took on job work from local vinyl printing factories and built a network of contacts in the printing industry.

After successfully understanding the printing procedures, we launched our own website and started producing our own knitted 100% pure cotton T-shirts with in-house printing. Aniket single-handedly managed everything from sourcing materials, printing, packaging to shipping, and even created the website himself. Now, we have an in-depth knowledge of T-shirt printing from start to finish.

Our journey was challenging, but it taught us valuable lessons and helped us develop the skills we needed to create a successful brand. We are proud to have come so far and are excited for what the future holds for Woodycane.

About us

Welcome to Woodycane

Welcome to Woodycane! We are an online shopping site for men's and women's clothing and accessories. We are a homegrown brand, committed to bringing you the latest and greatest in fashion. From men's and women's t-shirts, to shirts and jeans, to trending clothing and printed t-shirts, we have something for everyone.

Woodycane was born in the year 2019, with the idea of four creative souls whose prime purpose was to establish an e-commerce brand that represents the common Indian young soul when it comes to fashion and accessories with distinctive and out of box designs and a trendy product range.

Our passion for fashion and commitment to high-quality design and materials is reflected in all our products. We employ premium quality fabric and focus on details to ensure that each product is as stylish as it is comfortable. We are constantly updating our collection with the newest designs, so you're always up-to-date with the latest trends.

At Woodycane, we believe in making fashion fun, comfortable, and affordable. So come on in and explore! We are sure you will find something you love.

The idea of Woodycane in is to represent young souls of today, who believe in speaking their hearts and mind with the choices they make. The growth of Woodycane as a brand says a story about being dynamic in what you believe. Woodycane Folks was started by some creative souls in a small room with a leap of faith to become a brand that wins over customers’ trust with every product presented to them. Woodycane as a brand focuses on creating products that Woodycane can carry with them to represent their style, opinions, and personality while maintaining relevance to the latest fashion trends. Whatever we manufacture, create, or present to you, we make sure that it has the heart and soul of Be “Young” in it.